"When a patient is treated by several practitioners they often do not have complete information about medicines prescribed, or the patients illnesses"
-- National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine

Introducing the MedXKey, a Medical Alert EMR
EMR Stands for Emergency Medical Records
A Small Flash Drive Containing your Vital Medical Information
USB Medical Alert Device

"The #1 Advanced Medical Alert Product with a price that is affordable to all"

Waterproof 2 Gigabyte MedXKey
$24.95, 2 for $39.95



Wear it 24 hours a day, while swimming, showering or bathing!

Do you have...
Medical Problems?
Multiple Medications?
Medical Conditions?
Multiple Doctors?

Our MedXKey holds all the Information needed for an emergency, the same information asked when being admitted to a hospital.

Each family member should have their own MedXKey!

MedXKey was developed and reviewed by Medical Professionals including Doctors, Nurses, & EMS First Responders.

There is substantial room on your MedXKey, up to 2 Gigabyte, to include other medical information such as Living Will, Medical Power of Attorney, X-rays and any other documents one might want to make available to medical personnel, attorneys and family members.

In an emergency accurate medical information is critical and possibly life saving.

FEMA and the Red Cross both recommend that your emergency information, including medications and emergency contacts, be part of your disaster preparation kit.